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4th of July 2018 by Stephanie Burns

4th of July 2018
By Stephanie Burns

60 x 48 in (152 x 122 cm)
Oil on Canvas
© Stephanie Burns

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Artist's Statement

This work was inspired by my visits to the US over the last 5 years. The spirit of American to push on no matter what the obstacles. To have faith in the system even when it isn't working properly. To not blame and make excuses about why something bad happens but to take things on board and solve them.

The general spirit of independence and good values.
Obviously Jasper Johns flag is an inspiration and the paintings of independence of the French artist Monet and Manet who both painted red, white and blue flag of French Independence. I have combined the impressionist style of these hero artists of mine with the contemporary feel of American Abstract artists like Jasper Johns.

I came up with the idea after visiting the Damien Hirst Veil Paintings exhibition at Gagosian Gallery.

I began painting with dots and splashes and lines in 2008 when I contracted an auto immune disease which left me barely able to hold a brush. Let alone do the detailed painting I had in the past. This forced new freedom to think laterally about space and form has continued through my practice, even after I regained my technical abilities with the brush.
Now I have the two styles Abstraction and Realism.

This is a really beautiful painting and will be a great purchase for any collector and lover of art.

Type: Painting

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