Wellness Incentives


At Aqua Burns we know that your clients' employees have a hard time starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


We want to help with the lifestyle changes you are teaching them to adopt, so we’ve put put together a range of different gift options that will help you improve people’s lives.


Your wellness program already has an incentive program built in, to help employees adapt to these new behaviors. There are a number of wellness tasks employees must accomplish to earn their incentives. 


No doubt you already have a number of incentives available for your corporate clients and their employees. The first thing people need to start your program is the willingness to participate and the clothes that are appropriate to participate.


We will work with you to provide the incentives that work for your clients.


Enhancing Your Wellness Program by Giving and Receiving Meaningful Experiences and Rewards.

Increase the behaviours that positively impact the bottom line and boost participation in your corporate health and wellness programs, and encourage living out your company’s core values with our gift incentives.
Aqua Burns provides a variety of employee rewards to enhance whatever motivates your particular employee base. What makes us different is the unique designs, custom made apparel and accessories. You employees will feel the one on one attention of having a personal stylist help them with their choices. Their gifts are unique and speak to the individual. Driving personal development, self love and engagement.
These rewards have global fulfilment – so when your employees redeem a reward from the Aqua Burns, it’s automatically sent wherever the employee is located – with no extra effort by you.




At Aqua Burns we know that the goal of your wellness program is to help employees adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles. 


Sometimes employees get stuck in unhealthy habits and they need help adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. We will work with you to provide the incentives that work for your clients.


As you know the best way to do this is to provide small incentives, such as gift cards to those who excel. An Aqua Burns fitness outfit or an active product for women and men is the perfect motivation to inspire people to look good, and feel confident during their workouts.


Ask about our Corporate Gift Options that can be tailored to your requirements for your client's needs.

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