Yellow Collection

 This Collection is a favourite with women around the world. 

Today I have a special offer for you, 30% off, see below. But first I want to tell you what I learnt about looking sexy.

With nearly 250000 people watching my Yellow and Stripes video that went viral this design has really taken off.

When I did that first video in March 2018, I had recently lost some weight and was feeling pretty good about myself. I'd come from a low place the year before, when I had great sadness in my life and added quite a few pounds.

For a few years I'd been feeling invisible. At places of service including check out queues, I was being ignored, getting noticed was more and more difficult.

I knew that I had to do something. That my time wasn't over just because I'd hit a certain age. I was determined to work out how to become noticeable again.

You know what I found was the secret. It really was the way I dressed. Somehow that middle aged uniform women in their 50s wear to look smart. Didn't look smart at all. It looked boring, every woman looking the same all over the world.

The secret of looking sexy in your daily life is to wear something that you feel fantastic in. Something unique and special, just like you. Be individual, be bright and colourful. Wear something with an edge, something unique. Everyone will notice.

People will start coming up to you and commenting on how great you look. You will be complimented and looked at, you will be back in the game of life. Having fun and enjoying life and work.

Aqua Burns clothing is all designed from paintings created by me, Stephanie, your host, designer and personal stylist.

I have chosen a couple of outfits for you to start with below, and some accessories. These dresses are flattering on a woman of any age, shape or size.

Add the accessories for that special stylish look. Here's a tip for you. The quickest way to add style to your look is to have matching accessories.

You'd be amazed how clever people think you are because you have matching accessories. And how amazing you will feel, brimming with confidence and looking sensational!

Today I am having a great sale for new customers. 30% Off any of my designs in this collection.

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