Because there is only one you!!!

August 14, 2017

Because there is only one you!!!

Because there is only one you I create original designs for women who want something different.
Anti Mass-production.
Designs created for you from paintings.
Attention to detail for you and your family.
Limited Edition activewear.
When I lived in Paris 20 years ago, I was particularly taken by the way French women coordinated their wardrobe.
They looked so chic. But as I came to know a few of them we were talking about how they afforded to look so great.
Monique explained to me that every item had to go with most of the rest of her wardrobe to make a different look each day.
I bring that design theory to my design table every time I am creating a new collection.
Not only do I want you to be able to mix and match your activewear clothes. I am designing for street wear as well. So that you really can go from the gym or studio to work or errands, out to lunch with girlfriends.
Aqua Burns is a new brand about you and what you need from you wardrobe....
We are all different.
Not everyone likes the same things.
Clothes are an important part of your life. They reflect how you feel about yourself and how other people feel about you.
Why be a part of the mass-production era when I am here to create beautiful clothes for you.
Every week another clothing or footwear line becomes available for me to create for you. Technology advancements and modern manufacturing methods mean that my fabric is printed in just the right amount to make the clothes you order. The fabric is then cut and sewn by hand in Canada. Sweetshop free.
The fabric for my activewear has been specially created for my printer by a local Montreal firm and is exclusive to my printer. Making your new clothes not only original in design but also original in the fabric.
If you have any complaints I have a 30 day return policy, it is always best to just email me and we can sort out any issues directly.
I would love to you to take a look at my new brand and let me know what you think.
Here is a code for you to use on your first purchase for 20% Off.
Voucher Code PARIS9820
Have Great Day!
Stephanie xxx
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