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A Must Buy!

  • This is seriously the most comfortable top ever!!! Great support for daily life and yoga but sooooo unbelievably comfortable!! It is so soft and feels like I am wearing the softest of clouds. I can't say enough about the amazing it feels on!!! The colors are also beautifully vibrant and wear beautifully. Thank you for such an amazing product!!!

    Kat. K

Best leggings

  • "This yokini top is so incredibly soft! It grips your body with every move and stays in place. The quick dry material is amazing! I’m definetly placing an order for the matching bottoms! Plus, this yokini will look great with even just a pair of jeans. I’m kinda obsessed with how I will go with any style, yoga or a night on the town! Love it!"


  • These leggings are really comfortable and sit so nicely around the waist. I especially love the folded waist band, instead of a stitched one, no digging into my sides! It’s like wearing and walking around in a piece of art all day!"


  • "I feel like a goddess when i put these on! The print is even more gorgeous in person. The material is soft, stretchy, and stays in place. My favorite thing is that the smooth edge of the high waist lays flat and doesn't pinch my sides."


  • "This is my first pair of leggings from AquaBurns, and they're amazing! The material is very soft, and they are incredibly well made. These are the first high waisted leggings that fit well on my hips and on my waist!" 


  • "The color and pattern are so pretty! And the fit was great for me. I just absolutely love these leggings!" Nyasha


  • "I adore my snowflake pants! The fit is perfect - the pattern is divine - the company top notch!!! The first of many I will own, I’m certain."


  • "These leggings are the best I own bar-none.. The stretch does not interfere with the pattern, and feels like a second skin on my body. They fit perfectly! The pattern is quite the conversation starter. Everyone loves them! I have already ordered a second pattern pair and am anxiously waiting the arrival of those beauties. Thank you for such a quality item, you can really feel the love sewn into these leggings." 

    Kelly Vo

Love it! :-*

  • "This wonderful bikini fits so well! Love it and I'm so excited to wear it this summer :-)" Love from Germany, Silke

    Love from Germany, Silke

Feeling like a mermaid

  • "This is absolutely the MOST COMFORTABLE bikini I have EVER owned. I love it so much.!!"


  • "#bikiniyoga has never felt so good 😘😘" 


  • "This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bathing suit that I have gotten many compliments of in public. The material is so soft and I was impressed by how well the cut fit my curvy body. Will definitely be buying more items from aquaburns!"


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Beautiful and comfortable

  • "I absolutely love the colors of this top! It is very comfortable as well. I can wear it for working out and dress it up with a high waisted skirt or jeans."


  • "Love it! :-* This wonderful bikini fits so well! Love it and I'm so excited to wear it this summer :-)"  Love from Germany


  • "Comfy and Gorgeous! I couldn't be more happy with this crop top. High quality, beautiful and most of all very comfortable! Cannot wait to get another one!!! Truly satisfied with everything!"


  • "I feel like a walking piece of art 💖 the material alone is the best for my yoga practice and to add these beautiful designs. They are so unique and one of a kind "